XXXTentacion's untimely death has caused an enormous show of support from the hip-hop community. Artists as big as Kanye West and Meek Mill have publicly paid their respects to the fallen artist, but X truly meant the most to the legion of young, Florida rappers that came up in his wake. This is especially true for Ski Mask The Slump God, who was friends with X from the very beginning.

X's death surely must have been tough to deal with, but it appears that Ski Mask is working out his feelings on the matter. He's publicly shown regret over not being able to express his love for X when he was still alive, and made an appearance honoring X at the BET Awards.

Now, Ski Mask has released a short preview of a song, that while not explicitly naming him, is absolutely about X's death. The track appears in a video on his Instagram, with no word of a title or release date. The caption only reads, "Members Only," a reference to the group started by Ski Mask and X.

The most noticeable thing about the song from the beginning is that it doesn't sound remotely like a Ski Mask song. Ski Mask's signature style involves goofy, rapid-fire bars. This song is more solemn, with Ski rapping in a register that sounds very unlike him. The song also features another unnamed artist, which might mean that this is a new song from the Members Only collective as a whole. The lyrics mourn the loss of their brother, and how to pick up the pieces in the aftermath.