Though Ski Mask The Slump God is one of the new generation's most promising voices, he remains an old soul. It's well documented that he cherishes the production legends of the early millennium. His breakout single "Catch Me Outside" featured a reimagining of Missy Elliott's Timbaland produced "She's A Bitch," and many regard it to be Ski's definitive effort thus far. Now, it would appear he's on his Neptunes grind, making sure to invoke Pharrell Williams in his latest Instagram post. "Y’all @ Pharrell For Me," he writes, before previewing a promising banger.

"Okay, baby be calling me Hercules," raps Ski, "got an H on my waist but this bitch stands for Hermes." Afterward, he drops off a recurring "okay," before switching to a flow reminiscent of Skateboard P's "Drop It Like It's Hot" chorus. It soon becomes clear why Ski Mask is drawing comparisons to the legendary producer, once the track's chorus kicks in. 

We're not sure when this one is set to arrive, but we hope it's soon. The song feels like a return to form for The Slump God, who previously lost sight of some of the playful charisma displayed during his come-up. From the sound of this one, Ski Mask has hit a second wind.