"Album mode." Something fans are always willing to hear. Ski Mask The Slump God recently came through with the proclamation, announcing the beginning stages of his Beware The Book Of Eli followup. While the tape was appreciated by his loyal followers, many felt that Ski's last drop was a little underwhelming, especially given his undeniable talent level. Perhaps the album was plagued by clearance issues, as features from Busta Rhymes and Timbaland were dropped from the final version at last minute. Throw in a botched rollout, and the project felt more like a learning experience than a coming of age moment. 

Still, Ski Mask continues to grow as an artist, and will no doubt bounce back from the setback. Still, it might be noted that the stakes a little higher this time around, especially if he wants to prove his longevity. He certainly has the talent to make a lasting impression, with a repertoire of references unrivaled by any in his weight class. Perhaps this is truly The Slump God's time to shine.

We caught the rapper's announcement, and opened the floor to the people; which producers and artists do you want Ski to work with on this effort? Hopefully, whoever they may be, he makes sure to clear all samples with due diligence.