Ski Mask the Slump God was the most recent guest on Complex's "Sneaker Shopping" with Joe La Puma. The rapper heads to New York City's Stadium Good's shoe spot where he talked to the host about childhood sneakers, his favorite shoes, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and more. 

Ski Mask's trip to Stadium Goods was filled with some pretty interesting tidbits of facts Being a Miami native, La Puma asked Ski Mask about his thoughts on the Nike Lebron 89 "South Beach" when Lebron initially made his way over to the Heat. He says he remembers a lot of people in school having the shoe and copping them from Sole Exchange and Dunk Exchange. However, Ski Mask never got caught up in the hype.

"I was never a Hypebeast, plus my parents hated me anyways, so they never bought me anything nice," he said jokingly, "if I was bad, they'd shave my head bald and then take my good shoes. I'd have bobo's, like I'd have some And1's. I'd go to school with And1's, brotha, and get made fun of. How the fuck am I supposed to focus on school if I'm wearing some And1's."

During his time on the show, he also revealed that he's a huge fan of Vans footwear. He said he used to try and skateboard but it never worked out. However, he did reveal that he used to do the "jerk" dance back in the day in his Vans which plays a factor in why he likes them so much.

Aside from his love for Gucci, he also revealed that Y-3 is his favorite designer brand. 

"Going to the Y-3 store is a fuckin' hassle, bro. And all the good Y-3 colors is in women's and I'm like, "What's the biggest size you got in women's?"" he said.

Despite the fact most rappers constantly praise Jordan's, Ski Mask admits he's never had a pair. However, by the end of the episode he cops his first pair with the Air Jordan 14 Retro.

Watch the full episode and our episode of "On The Come Up" with Ski Mask below: