Ski Mask The Slump God shows definitely go off, but he insists that clothes remain on. Over the weekend, a video went viral on Twitter of a man giving a high-energy performance butt-naked with Ski Mask's "Life Is Short" playing. The man even steps offstage into an extremely welcoming crowd at one point. The tweet read, "Bro wtf is ski mask doing????", but the Florida rapper has denied that that sweaty rager was him. 

"Y'All Know Dam Well That's Not Me Naked Performing At That Show," Ski Mask tweeted on Saturday (Nov. 23). It has been confirmed that the nude performer was Eaddy from the rap-punk duo Ho99o9 and the video was recorded at a show in Berlin back in April. "Life Is Short" was allegedly dubbed over the clip when someone noticed a resemblance between Eaddy and Ski and saw an opportunity to besmirch the latter. 

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

However, it appears some people are reluctant to abandon the hilarious thought that Ski Mask had stripped at a show. Fans responded to Ski Mask's tweet pleading innocence that they didn't buy his story. "I think it is and now you’re trying to cover it up," one wrote. Others were disappointed that Ski wasn't capping with his cover-up. "I mean it should be that’s hype," another fan hoped.