Ski Mask's first words after cutting off his trademark dreadlocks were "Yeah.Bitch." The XXL Freshman wouldn't really benefit from being taken too seriously, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more solemn statement than that. Two hours ago, Ski Mask shared a selfie depicting his clean cut look. You can pass judgement all you want, (and some sure did) but sometimes boredom just sets in.

One user in particular was particularly confused, because they never considered Ski Mask without his signature wave cap. Another internet "bully" took advantage of a negative slant by posing as "Josh," Ski Mask's supposed high school nemesis. The user started off rather positively by apologizing for giving Ski Mask a hard time, before shining the light on himself, his Mercedes, his wife and his 200k a year salary.

Other users were more sympathetic, even in cases where they disapproved of his decision. The opposite was true of Lil B when he posted up last July on his Instagram with dreadlocks many assumed were fake. The Based God even addressed the negative attention he was receiving before turning his attention to his Black Ken release. Better than pose with props, Ski did himself in to Internet bullying, but even that will pass.