Recently, XXXTentacion's downward spiral culminated in the young rapper threatening to retire from music, on one condition: his old best friend, Ski Mask The Slump God, would have to be his friend again. The ultimatum led to many of X's disciples flooding Ski Mask's social media platforms, prompting the You Will Regret rapper to issue an initial statement of sorts: "I'll always love that alien lookin' n***a named XXX. But I have to distance myself because it's like nobody would see me as an individual rapper if I don't. On top of that, that n***a crazy as hell." However, yesterday, Ski Mask took to Instagram to elaborate on his words, shedding a little bit of a darker light on their falling out.

In a since-deleted IG story, Ski Mask claimed that XXXTentacion "Is a person who has before threaten[ed] my family, told me I was supposed to be sacrificed on some crazy shit. So no I didn't just separate myself for no reason." With this revelation, it's clear that there's more to the story behind Ski Mask and X's falling out, especially if the latter was on some human sacrifice shit. Many friendships have breaking points, and Ski speaks true, then it's no surprise The Slump God has moved on to greener pastures.

In other news, the young Floridian rapper seems to be chalking up win after win. Ski was recently spotted in the studio with his idol Busta Rhymes, making the Flipmode legend the latest rapper to support The Slump God. While there's no word of when we might get to hear that collaboration, a betting man might guess it would feature some double time rapping. As for X, it seems as if the 17 rapper is still sorting out his life, and it's anybody's guess as to what his response might be. Stay tuned for more on this developing saga.