In a somewhat creepy, horror-style infomercial released earlier today, Ski Mask The Slump God announces his YOUWILLREGRET project will be released on June 30th. The project is one of two he plans to release this year, the other being Book Named Eli

The rapper's goals have changed in recent months and his approach to the music is different now. “At first, before I started blowing up, [my goal was] to shit on niggas who was talking shit, saying I couldn’t do it,” he told XXL. “Now my goal in hip-hop is to have fun. Not everybody has to be a lyricist, not everybody has to be the best, like J. Cole or some shit. The fact that people can have fun… even back then, Kid ‘n Play wasn’t a lyricist, saying good shit about people’s health and shit, they were talking about fucking hoes and all that shit. So I want to make people have fun again, and show people that people can just rap and snap.”

Take a look at the announcement video below.