Ski Mask The Slump God & Juice WRLD recently chopped it up with Montreality for an insightful interview, as per usual. They make it a point to note the interview was actually filmed on June 16th, a few days before X was murdered. Despite the macabre and depressing preface, the interview actually contains many gems. 

Juice WRLD reflected on Drake's official studio debut Thank Me Later, admitting that he "related to most of the shit he was talking about." You may recall the initial response to Drizzy's seminal album, which was far from unanimous praise; in general, the project was liked by many, yet few proclaimed to love it. Perhaps it was merely a grower. "When it first came out I was still singing it like I related to it, but now that I actually relate to some of the shit, it's like damn bro, this n***a was really speaking from his--" 

At that moment, Ski Mask slides in with the interruption, picking up from Juice WRLD's train of thought. "Drake has a lot to do with the culture," he explains, as Juice WRLD echoes the sentiment. "Hell yeah, bro!" says Juice, "he a gatekeeper bro. The rap game an abyss, and Drake a gatekeeper, he one of em." 

On that note, Juice takes a minute to explain the concept of The Abyss, calling it somewhere "everybody is trapped in. Here's the perfect example of some abyss shit. A person goes to a D1 college, they spend all this money to get a degree, they don't even do the shit they got the degree for, and they work in an office every day until they die. He or she is in the abyss." 

For more insight from two of hip-hop's most promising young talents, peep the full interview below.