With a seemingly endless sea of up-and-comers, it seems as if Ski Mask The Slump God has been leading the back. His rapid fire flow and witty, geek-friendly lyrics have managed to win over some of new school skeptics, and it doesn't hurt to have glowing endorsements from Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Offset, and A$AP Ferg. And while Ski Mask has already collaborated with his favorite producer of all time (Timbo), the young rapper can now check another name off his bucket list - one of his favorite rappers of all time, Busta Rhymes.

It would appear that the Slump God and Bus-A-Bus have recently linked up for a studio session, and while there's no confirmation they actually recorded anything, making music is pretty much the defining purpose of a studio. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should be getting something new from Busta and Ski in the near future. Peep the pictures here, which include Ski Mask posting up with his idol, all while low-key trying to hide what looks like a fast food carton. It's a good look for the Slump God, as Busta Rhymes was clearly one of his biggest musical influences. Keep on the lookout for the upcoming collaboration, which we'll certainly be checking for.

However, it's not all peachy keen for the Slump God. Ski's old best homie XXXTentacion has recently accused Ski of putting business over friendship, and made a public reach out in the hopes of rekindling his friendship. However, it should be noted that X's message reeks of an ultimatum, so it may very well fail to achieve the desired effect. However, early interviews show that Ski and X were once near-inseparable, so in a way, it's sad to see two friends drifting apart. As of now, Ski has yet to comment on X's video message.