One of the greatest rappers to ever come out of the United Kingdom, Skepta might be hanging up his microphone this year. The rap legend is seemingly hinting at his retirement in a series of new posts, claiming that he has stopped recording and that all of his new verses that come out were recorded in past years. From the sounds of it, Skepta doesn't look to be interested in continuing his music career further.

Following the release of Jae5's new song "Dimension", which features Skepta and Rema, the 38-year-old Londoner promoted the song and roasted the main artist for its title. He also said that his verse was old and that he has effectively stopped going to the studio.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

"This Jae5 song/video featuring Rema and myself was recorded and shot last year in Ghana," said Skepta. "I have one more song with Bando & L's that we also recorded in 2020, after we drop that I'm out.." 


The iconic grime artist then roasted the song's title, saying, "Still can't believe Jae5 called the song 'Dimension', such a nonsense name," he wrote before making another statement alluding to the end of his career. "Any verses of mine you hear this year, were all recorded last year. I've stopped recording 2021."



If this is really the end of Skepta's music career, we've been lucky to be blessed with some extraordinary ground-breaking sounds over the years. Skepta is one of the genre's greats and he will go down in history as a pioneer. Do you think he's done for good?