Things are going pretty great for the city of Philadelphia at the moment. Their beloved Eagles just won the first Super Bowl in franchise history, Joel Embiid will be a starter in next weekend's NBA All-Star game, and the Sixers are on pace to snap a five-year playoff drought.

But Philly can't have everything, and it now appears the Sixers' #1 overall pick, Markelle Fultz, is in jeopardy of missing the rest of the season.

According to ESPN, Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo told reporters today, "there's a chance that he's not going to play this year." Fultz, 19, has been sidelined since October with a shoulder injury that has limited him to just four games this season. 

In regards to Fultz' shot, which has not looked the same since the injury, Colangelo says his range is basically "within the paint."


"It's within the paint basically," Colangelo said. "Paint shots. Perimeter shots are where you kind of draw a line."

"There's always a chance that he's going to be out there soon, and there's a chance that he's not going to play this year," Colangelo said. "I can't answer that question because we don't know the answer to that."

"He's doing some things on the basketball court, in the limited basketball activity that he's taking place in, that he's participating in, and he's dazzling in many ways," Colangelo said. "But when he's ready to help his team and be ready, I can't give you a timeline."

The Sixers, behind stellar play from Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, are currently sitting in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference with a 26-25 record.