Halloween is creeping up on us, which in my head means that 2019 is right around the corner. Before we leave 2018 in the past though, we have an entire holiday season to drink, celebrate, and be merry. Or possibly, get locked in a coffin. Six Flags St. Louis has introduced their "Coffin Challenge," which asks participants to stay in a coffin for 30 hours. 

The 30 hour requirement is in celebration of the 30th year of Fright Fest. According to CBS News, the challenge will take place from 1 PM Saturday, October 13 until 7 PM on Sunday, October 14. Participants can take hourly bathroom breaks, but will be forced back into the coffin after relieving themselves. Coffin goers can also invite a friend to give them support, but Six Flags warns contestants that they must "brave the non-operating hours alone." Six Flags will provide meals, small snacks, and cell phone chargers for contestants, who are allowed to use their phones while in the coffin. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own pillows and blankets. Honestly, this doesn't sound like that hard of a challenge at this point. I can play on my phone for hours anyway. Winners get to keep the coffin, will receive two 2019 Gold Season passes, and all the winners will be entered into a drawing to claim $300. Other unspecified park prizes will also be included.