First off, a huge thanks to all the users who’ve been emailing our support team and pointing out some of the bugs or issues with the site.

It makes a big difference in helping us improve the overall user experience, so if you spot any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know. Email us at


Last month we introduced the “Like” button for the Comment sections.

This month, due to popular demand and as an added feature, we've implemented “Like” and “Dislike” functionality for all our content: Mixtapes, Songs, Videos, News and Features.


We’ve made some changes to improve how you search things on the site.

Now, when you type in what you’re searching for, you can use tabs to go through all major categories: SONGS, MIXTAPES, VIDEOS, ARTISTS and NEWS.

More importantly, you can sort your search results by Latest, Most Popular, Highest Rated and Relevancy.


We’ve created a better layout when you click on MY FEEDS and check out all your Followed Artists.  The right side column displays all your Followed Artists’ names. And the left side column lists all their current music and videos.