LeBron James set a new NBA-record this season averaging 25+ points per game for the 13th consecutive season, surpassing Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone.

That said, it's unlikely he'll be named the NBA MVP for the fifth time in his career, thanks to triple-double machine Russell Westbrook who set an NBA-record of his own this season that you might have heard about.

But the votes haven't been submitted just yet and Sisqo, yes that Sisqo, has teamed up with Colin Cowherd to plead LeBron's MVP case the only way he knows how - by releasing a remake of the "Thong Song" dubbed the "LeBron Song."

In it, Sisqo calls out each of the potential MVP candidates, for example:

"Harden could be MVP, but he coughs up the ball and don't play D. Got more turnovers than a bakery."

"Westbrook been really hot, then again he missed a million shots. Some nights he can't hit the parking lot, they try to say he's freakin' loco."

Check out the "LeBron Song" below.