Last week, Top Dawg Entertainment's SiR dropped November, a sometimes-dark, often emotional project with features from ScHoolboy Q and Etta Bond. Now, with the album mere weeks old, the Inglewood singer has come a long way since the days working at Guitar Center. While he currently operates on the world's biggest hip-hop label (with a roster boasting Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, SZA, Ab-Soul and more), SiR hasn't let the success get to his head. If you haven't checked out November yet, give it a listen now; if his vocal talents aren't enough to impress you, perhaps the fact that the former engineer actually mixed and mastered his entire project will. 

In a new interview with DJ Booth, SiR dives deep into his latest project, explaining how November tackles love in a different, more complex way. "It’s definitely about love, but it shows a lot more sides of it," explains the singer. "[His previous releases] were like lovey-dovey, “I love you” all the way through. This one’s like, “I like you a little bit, I really love you, I don’t like you at all." It’s got different vibes on there, it kind of moves around a lot." 

He also goes on to explain the conceptual link between some of the tracks, enhancing the subtle narrative throughout the album. "So we go from the baby mama song, “I Know.” And then we go right into “Never Home.” “I Know” happens, that’s the party, and then “Never Home” is me waking up after the party, realizing that I’ve got 10 missed calls. And then the song right after that is called “War,” and that’s the song where I’m actually trying to salvage our relationship and make things right. 

SiR also shares some of his dream collaborators, and who knows - perhaps his newfound clout will allow some of these to materialize. When it comes to the future, SiR is looking to work with J Cole, Kendrick Lamar (seems inevitable), Jill Scott, and Justin Timberlake. For much more from SiR, be sure to catch the full interview here