Sir Michael Rocks, who was recently signed to Curren$y's Jet Life Recordings spoke to HipHopDX about it and what's next. Check out some of the highlights below.

On Their Friendship Before He Was Signed:

"Man, Curren$y has always been a big supporter of what I got going on; my whole style to just my whole take on everything. I've actually been a fan of him for awhile now as well, since his Cash Money [Records] days. We first got together back in 2009 when he came to Chicago but we never ended up recording any music. We just got real high and kicked it for a while and just started building a friendship. It wasn't till later that year, in New York, we really got to record for his "Pilot Talk" album. I'm a fan of his first and he's a big supporter of mine. He tells me that I have so much potential to reach whatever I want to get at in my career and in life."

On How J.L.R. And Mikey Rocks Will Work Together:

I'm very independent. I don't really look to anybody to tell me what my next move should be or how my work ethic should be or to guide me. I kind of handle all of that on my own. I've been doing that since me and Chuck [Inglish] started The Cool Kids stuff a while ago. I like to learn from others and take advice, of course, but I don't really look to anybody for work motivation or someone to keep me organized. With that said, I'm sure I'll be able to learn a lot from JLR, but at the same time, still be able to do me. As for Curren$y leading the pack, I want to be able to combine our forces. It's going to be fun.

On Improving & Developping His Own Style:

I just want to continue to grow and evolve; get better at rapping. I want to get more and more comfortable on the mic and in my own ways. As an artist, you gotta develop your own style over time. 'Cause everybody kinda starts off with the same structure and it's up to us to learn the technicalities of it first and then start to develop your own style off that. I pretty much have to keep developing my thought process and my own approach to everything and personalizing that. I want you to feel like you stepped into a whole different world with my music, ya know? You gotta come to where I'm at and feel where I'm coming from on every song. I'm tryin' to create a small world within itself with my music. And I want that represented on JLR.

On What's Next For The Cool Kids:

As for new Cool Kids stuff, we're currently working on our Shark Week tape. We plan to go out the country and record somewhere that's warm and just getaway [and] possibly film a movie short to the album. As of right now, we're touring for When Fish Ride Bicycles while I work on my solo stuff; we keep things moving.


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