Together, Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish have combined to produce some incredible music, and while the two intend to always be creative and work with each other, it appears they do not intend on releasing a joint The Cool Kids project anytime soon. 

Mikey Rocks revealed in an interview recently that while they still work closely, now is not the time for them to be releasing albums together, as both are focused on their individual careers, “"[W]e still work together in a lot of different facets...We shoot music videos, work on beats, we’re still working together, but we’re just not making music and putting it out together as a group, because it’s not that time right now."

The creative focus of both Inglish and Rocks has transitioned from just creating Cool Kids records, to both of them looking to cement their names, as Mikey says, “Right now, man, I think we just need to be focusing on blowing up. Chuck needs to focus on his production.” This is not a result of a rift in their relationship, but rather both artists feel they can reach different creative and commercial avenues if they work separately, “I need to focus on my solo stuff because it’s a different atmosphere, it’s a different feel when we’re separate than when we’re together. I think that, now, we need to be working on the music separately, but we still working together like nothing ever happened.” 

Fans are still going to get a taste of the two working side by side, just not for entire albums, and the Illinois rapper says plainly that people will have to learn to deal with it, “as far as how we putting it out, we’re gonna put it out like this, and fuck everybody else."

Sir Michael Rocks' latest mixtape Lap Of Lux 1.5 is available on HNHH now

[Via HHDX]