Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids transformed into Sir Michael Rocks when he reached his climax as a dualist. But since putting The Cool Kids on pause for a just a second, he now goes by the pseudonym: Tony Reed Jr. when in the company of other "Avant-Gardists." His latest project MYSTERY SCHOOL made its presence known in September and within a week the "Holographic" single was in rotation.

Mikey hopes the new alias of Tony Reed Jr. will help disguise some of his old party tricks. Mikey, or rather Tony, hopes to challenge the conventions set before him, all without reaching back into the past. Because as you might recall, Mikey has done the "retrofit" to death. With producer Owen Bones fully-amalgamated into his MYSTERY SCHOOL project, Tony went public with his intentions for the immediate future.

First up is MYSTERY SCHOOL's debut EP on February 8th, followed by the long-awaited return of The Cool Kids at an unspecified date. But that's not all. His third project in succession will see him resume the mantle of Sir Michael Rocks for a 2nd helping of both The Rocks Report, Premier Politics mixtapes, and in closing, a second Lap of Lux mixtape, all in the span of God knows how long.