In case you're just waking up, TDE's SiR recently dropped off his new album November, and it's fire. And while he's been in the game for a minute, there remains an aura of mystery surrounding the thirty-one year old Inglewood singer. Today, the man behind the music is revealed, as SiR caught up with The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne for a solid interview. While November and TDE were obvious talking points, it was interesting to hear how SiR caught the label's attention in the first place - SoundCloud. 

"I was working at Guitar Center two years ago and I got a call from a boutique label that released one of my projects," said SiR. "They had reached out. Dave Free was with somebody and she was playing some of my stuff, and he was like "who the fuck is this?...From there I went straight to meeting Jay Rock, meeting Kendrick, and we did a song that same night, and from there it was all organic."

SiR also reveals that he used to be an engineer, having previously worked with Tyrese. "Tyrese is Tyrese," says SiR, smiling, "I love Tyrese." When Charlamagne presses him, asking how stressful the sessions were, SiR plays it cool. "Tyrese is particular about his situation, and I don't mind that, but I had to step away, you know what I mean?" For more from SiR, check out the full interview below. Better yet, go support his new album, November.