TDE's SiR has quickly become one of R&B's leading men, bringing no shortage of Inglewood soul to his recent slew of releases. Now, the singer has linked up with NPR for a Tiny Desk Concert, the ideal platform to highlight his impressive vocal chops. 

SiR - John Redcorn

Though he opts to skip the beautiful banger "Hair Down," SiR spends some time with a few of his more soulful cuts. The fifteen-minute performance features stripped-down renditions of “The Recipe,” “New Sky,” “Wires In The Way” and “John Redcorn," all of which stem from last year's Chasing Summer. His emotive voice is captivating off the bat, sliding effortlessly into a vibrant falsetto; there's a rawness to his tone, laid bare without processing to fall back on. 

Fueled by love, SiR even brought his older brother and sister to handle the backup vocals. After making the introductions, SiR took a moment to dedicate the performance to his godson's memory. "So December 31st 2019, I lost my godson," he reveals. "He was fourteen months old. His name was Sir Harrsion. I want to say my condolences to his family and tell him I love him. We're doing this today for him. I didn't want to come to be honest, it took a lot for me to even be here." Check out the full performance below, and show some love to the SiR in the comments.