The sexual abuse trial surrounding former USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar finally came to an end last week where Larry was sentenced to 175 years in prison. Over 150 women were victims of Larry's abuse including gymnast Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney who bravely spoke at his sentencing.

Simone Biles was one of the many innocent young women who was sexually abused and in a recent interview with Buzzfeed’s live morning show AM2DM, the 20-year-old explains why she chose to not take the stand with her fellow gymnasts.

“I think for me that would be too much to handle, personally, especially before going to counselling and talking to anyone," she said. "And I was still training, so I couldn't take the time out and go, and I think it would just put too much stress on me." 

Simone also paid a visit to the Today Show where she explained how she still forced herself to compete in the Olympics despite being abused by Larry. 

"I think we're very good at compartmentalizing things," she explained. "We push it in the back of our heads because we don't want anyone to think of that, or we don't want ourselves to think about that. We go out with a full heart and compete because that's what we love to do, to represent our country."

After Judge Aquilina signed Larry's "death warrant" and sent him to prison, Simone shared a tweet calling Aquilina her "hero."