In recent months, rapper Silento has had multiple run-ins with the law and a video of his most recent arrest for speeding has hit social media. Last week, TMZ reported that the "Whip/Nae Nae" rapper was taken into custody in Dekalb County, Georgia after an officer caught him reportedly driving at a speed of 143 MPH. This arrest came a month after the rapper was detained in Los Angeles for breaking into a home and wielding an ax while he was reportedly looking for his girlfriend.

The bodycam footage of the speeding arrest has surfaced online, and in it, Silento told officers that he was driving at high speeds because people often follow him. He added that he had just left a club appearance and was making sure that no one was after him. When confronted over going 143 MPH, Silento refuted the officer's claims and asked to see his "calibration log." The officer answers him and said he "has [him] on laser" and the rapper wanted to verify by looking at the numbers himself.

Silento denied that he'd been drinking and told the officer that he's "not a regular person," urging him to look him up to verify his identity. Things intensified when Silento told the officers that Donald Trump texts him every day for help, satellites are being used to track him, and he was a victim of racial profiling. Check out clips from Silento's arrest below.