Five years and some odd months ago, the late Kobe Bryant put up 60 points against the Utah Jazz in his final game as a Laker. Nowadays, people are simply just looking for a piece of that action, considering the game was genuinely once in a lifetime.

According to TMZ, a signed ticket stub from this April night is being valued at roughly over $31,700 and can be found on the Otis investment app. With a PSA VG 3 grade, less than a handful of other similar pieces have been worth anywhere near as much.

kobe bryant mural

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Dating back to his tragic loss last January, anything with Bryant's association has boomed in resale value and worth as a whole. So much in fact that widow and mother of their children Vanessa Bryant pulled the plug on Nike's deal, claiming that it was not in the family's best intention and that the brand was rather exploitative, be that deliberately or not. Be that sneakers, t-shirts, sweatpants, the man's stomping grounds, and now, signed memorabilia, the sky is the limit as to where these people decide to carry the legend's worth past his days on Earth. For a man who resonated with many, it can only get higher.