During last night's MAAC Conference game between Rider and Siena a nasty brawl broke out on the court after a Siena player was fouled while trying to convert an alley-oop.

As a result, two players who threw punches during the melee (Siena's Marquis Wright and Rider’s Anthony Durham) were ejected from the game and both coaches got into a shouting match and needed to be pulled away from one another.

The game ultimately ended with Siena on top 78-68 but rather than shaking hands with the victors, Rider players and coaches walked off the court leaving Siena head coach Jim Patsos shaking hands with imaginary people.

"They were gone," Patsos said. "I just kept going. I went with it."

Rider head coach Kevin Baggett spoke about why he decided to pull his players off the court immediately after the buzzer sounded. He told ESPN:

"I decided not to shake hands, because I didn’t want anything to escalate again between the teams," he said. "That’s my prerogative—to protect my team whether anyone else thinks it’s good sportsmanship or not."

Check out the footage below.