The violence in inner city Chicago has been raising at a geometric rate, and many people are calling for authorities to do more to try to help these teenagers who are dying and killing one another.  Always vocal about his stance on rappers and politics, in an interview Shyne recently went off about President Obama’s lack of effort and involvement in stopping the violence in his own hometown.   As he has hinted at before, Po also calls for influential rappers like Jay-Z to step in and take a more active role.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Shyne was asked how he felt about the escalating violence in Chicago, and this set him on a tirade where he first voiced displeasure, but then became more heated, “I really feel the President of the United States could be doing far more, to address the issue.   He could be more verbal about it, he could give a greater effort.

The former Bad Boy artist goes onto cite POTUS’ former work with Chicago work as proof that he used it as leverage in his political career, “So ironic that Barack Hussein Obama got his start as a community organizer in the South side of breaks my heart to have a president that benefited, that profits from being an African, or half-African, American.”

As he has hinted at before, Shyne says he would like to see Jay-Z, who has helped Obama out in his campaign, involved in a campaign to stop violence, “Hov got a half a billion...being cool with him don’t help us, it don’t help the sufferers, it don’t help the South side of Chicago.”  The exiled rapper then says many people voted for the President because of his race, and he has turned his back on them, “He’s more concerned with Gay Rights, than these kids’ right to live in South Side Chicago.  It breaks my heart, cause a lot of people voted for the president just because he’s black.”

Once again, Po says he wants to see Jay involved, and possibly get Chicago native, Kanye West too, “Hov, and Yeezy, and all these dudes, could be his guest of honor at a rally to end violence in the inner city, starting in the South side of Chicago.”