Shyne's "whole thing is consistency," so he says while talking to The Breakfast Club over the phone, and that's pretty accurate, 'cause he's been consistently dissing raper after rapper.

He spoke on his "consistency" and the beef which has been ignited with Game while on Power 105. "So how you go from being my biggest cheerleader, endorsing me, free Shyne, Shyne, Shyne, now you have this issue, that issue," Shyne said of Game's apparent turn around. When it was brought up that Kendrick is just a kid and not a gangster rapper, Shyne said, "That's like me talking about a chick, and someone step to me like 'nah, you can't talk to my sister like that," he added, "Game ain't no gangsta rapper, he's a dude with a butterfly on his a face and a tongue all that 40 Glocc, that's a joke."

Shyne continued to go off on Game, "He is inconsistent and not mentally stable, nobody would walk around and behave the way he behave if they had sense. You got kids, you making a little bit of paper, you famous...whatchu running around like you Floyd Mayweather?...You ain't gangsta, and you ain't a boxer, stop."

The conversation soon turns to Rick Ross' mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah, claiming he's jocking him, seeing as he released "Meyer Lansky" (a song named after one of the biggest Jews in the mafia) before Rozay.

They also talk about his relationship with Diddy, and Shyne says Diddy has been apologizing. Shyne also details what happened that night in the club in 1997 with Diddy when his gun popped off. 

Listen to the full audio from Power 105 below.