Shyne's been pretty riled up lately, taking quite a few shots at some major players in the rap game, what with calling Kendrick Lamar's album "trash" to continually dissing Game, and now it's 50 Cent's turn. In an interview with AllHipHop, Shyne sheds light on Irv Gotti's demise.

Shyne says he met Fiddy when he was writing for Diddy. At the time, he'd gotten into a scuffle with Murder Inc. and was so afraid of the potential backlash that he hired security to make sure he was safe, going so far as divulging information to the police on Gotti's possible business dealings with Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, a drug dealer. "I swear to God he was in Daddy’s House in the lounge and he had security. He hadn’t sold one record. He hadn’t even put an album out... 50 Cent was nobody, nobody knew who he was."

According to Shyne, the protection 50 got was equivalent to that of a famous artist, drawing a comparison to Jay-Z.

“Hov was already selling millions of records, so of course you got to have security with you, cause you don’t wanna blow that investment. ... (50 Cent) was hiding from Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. He’s the reason that Irv got indicted. He’s the reason that Kenneth Supreme McGriff is in prison for the rest of his life.”

Check out the interview below.