Shyne caught everyone's attention when he went against the grain and said that Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city was "trash".  The most vocal backer of the West Coast rapper was Game, who even released a diss track.  Now Shyne talks about his relationship with Game and has nothing but positive things to say about the Cali rapper, and even says he would not have dissed GKMC had he known K.Dot and Game were so close. 

Talking about his street credibility, Shyne says he is recognized worldwide for what he has done, and in an interview with Streetkode (via HHDX) says, "First thing's first, I'm certified worldwide. I don't mob or thug on my block. I'm not local. I'm worldwide, wherever I go, I get the red carpet rolled out for me because I been about it. A lot of these dude's that's talking ain't never did nothin'."  He goes onto add, "I don't care if you have a blue rag or a red rag - that don't make you no gangsta." 

Addressing Game's "Cough Up A Lung" diss track, Shyne was actually diplomatic and did not attack him, and says they have a long standing relationship, "That's my son. I got love for him. I always have love for him. I'm proud of him because he's something that I helped create...He studied me, and he aspired to be like me."  He even calls Game his "brother", "I look at him as a little brother...But, you know, sometimes, your little brother do things that don't make sense."

Adding that he might not have said anything about GKMC had he known Kendrick's relationship with Game was so close, "If I had knew [Kendrick was cool with] Game like that, I might have not said nothin', because I have that much love and respect for Game."