Yesterday at Chicago's mercy hospital, an argument in the parking lot between a man, Juan Lopez, and a woman with whom he was in a "domestic relationship," led to a shootout which took the lives of two hospital employees (one of whom was the domestic partner) and one police officer, according to CNN.

The argument started in the parking lot between the Lopez and the women he knew. When a friend of the woman tried to intervene, Lopez pulled up his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waist band, with which he shot his first victim. When the police showed up, Lopez shot at them before they could even exit their car and he ran into the hospital, where the cops followed. They had a shootout in the hospital where one officer was killed, along with a hospital employee who was exiting the elevator at the wrong time. 

Superintendent of the Chicago Police Eddie T. Johnson said the officer who was killed, Samuel Jimenez, "saved a lot of lives because we just don't know how much damage [the shooter] was prepared to do."

Mercy Hospital said, in a statement, that "every shooting in America is a tragedy, and it is especially senseless when a shooting occurs in the healing space of a hospital."