Yesterday, during a videoshoot for Bay Area rapper Kafani, a one-year old boy was shot in the head and remains in a coma. Kafani denies having any part in the shooting, which took place just after 6 pm,  in a liquor store parking lot. Supposedly over fifty gun shots were fired into a large crowd of people, leaving eight people hit and a body that resembled Kafani in a van, riddeled with bullets.

Kafani denies any ownership of the van, but the little boy who was shot turns out to be the rapper's cousin, Hiram Lawrence. Kafani tweeted about his cousin, "right now now lil cuz in coma but both sides of brain seems to be functioning right now pray pls."

Police say that no other injuries from the shooting were fatal, however they have not revealed if they have any leads on the shooting.

Kafani had made a series of threats towards rapper Lil B this past August, while he was under house arrest.