It appears two people were injured in a shooting in Fort Worth, Texas this weekend. According to CNN, a woman and young girl suffered non-life threatening injuries after a fight outside of a youth football game devolved, resulting in gunfire and the two being hit.

Police report that a group of parents were arguing near a football game at Eastern Hills Elementary School. The son of one of the parents arrived with a handgun and opened fire, said Jimmy Pollozani, a public information officer for the Fort Worth Police Department. The woman was shot in the leg and the girl was grazed by a bullet on her back. They were both taken to a nearby hospital, where they were recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

Police didn't say if that son was one of the football players or not. Unfortunately, the police were still searching for the suspect at the time of this reporting, but hopefully the spread of this news will lead to his capture. Both the woman and girl are set to make a full recovery. Do you think this is a gun control issue or mental health issue?