Ricky Rozay's name has been in the headlines all week for his verse on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O.", but his rape-referencing lyrics aren't the only thing he's been under fire for recently. While Rick Ross' brush with death happened a few months back, new information continues to gradually roll in. We learned recently that the MMG leader was armed during the event, and a new report confirms some characteristics of the shooters' car and passengers within it. 

A Fort Lauderdale police report which was released on Thursday contained witness reports which claimed they saw three or four people inside an older model, burgundy- or maroon-colored BMW. The witnesses also confirmed that the shooter(s) fired from the passenger side window of the vehicle. As previously reported, 18 bullet casings were recovered by police.

While the witnesses were limited in what they could see while ducking for cover, they did catch the direction in which the shooters fled to."The witnesses ducked for cover in their vehicle due to the rapid gunfire, but were able to see the vehicle flee eastbound," the report read.

The new report again mentions the 9mm semiautomatic handgun Ross had in his waistband, and confirms the rumor that he was not properly licensed for the firearm, indicating the rapper had a "suspended concealed weapon permit".

Despite the new information, there are still no reported suspects for the shooting.