The #DoTheShiggy challenge went worldwide and helped Drake get another number one single under his belt. Drake's even credited Shiggy for helping his single "In My Feelings" chart so high and become a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, Shiggy went from a popular Instagram figure to making his way to the ESPY's on Wednesday night. However, Shiggy things got pretty heated at the afterparty when he crossed paths with the Backpack Dance Kid.

Shiggy and Backpack Kid flexed their moves during a dance battle at the ESPY's after party. Much like the "In My Feelings" dance challenge, Shiggy freestyled the majority of his moves while Backpack Kid flexed his own little dance along with "The Whip" but his moves weren't strong enough to beat Shiggy. Ultimately, Backpack Kid took an L with this one.

Both of them were getting egged on by athletes throughout the battle. Lakers' Josh Hart, Rams Todd Gurley, Magic's Mo Bamba and Panthers' Devin Funchess were some of the celebrities surrounding Shiggy and Backpack Kid while filming the dance battle and egging both of them on. 

It's been a huge week for Shiggy overall. The Instagram star's invite to the ESPY's seems to be based off his viral dance. He also got to party with Drake who thanked him for helping him get another number one single. However, what seems to be the most memorable moment for Shiggy is when he stiff armed Russell Wilson in order to get a flick with Ciara.

Safe to say, Shiggy's out here living his best life.

[Via TMZ]