Shia LaBeouf's been off the radar for some time but he's making his way back as a string of films are set to come out later in the year as well as next year with his name on it. The 33-year-old Transformers actor recently linked up with MTV to chat about his co-founded Slauson Rec. Theater Company as well as two known names that have always been in his corner.

Will and Jaden are those Shia calls on, telling the publication about the days he knew Jaden before his rise to fame. "I knew Jaden when we were playing Sonic the Hedgehog in his dad's trailer. I didn't even really give a shit about acting at that time. I was just grinding. I cared about Will Smith at that time. I didn't care about acting [or] the craft," he said. 

Michael Kovac/Getty Image

As for Will, Shia said he's always been a "really good dude" for him. "He's just always been like a shepherd in my corner from afar without ever tooting the horn in public," he added. "He's just always been there for me anytime I fuck up or get in trouble."

He added of Jaden: "I've been watching him float and rise to the top and grab a hold of his craft and become some kind of little maestro. He knows a lot of the same people that I know and we've just sorta been piggybacking off each other for a while. He was the first artist in, and then from Jaden, really, came a lot of these other artists because he's poppin' right now and his album's coming out on the 28th."

Watch the full interview below.