A mash of Sheck Wes' viral hit "Mo Bamba" and Disney's Frozen is taking SoundCloud by storm. Yes, Mashups have been out of fashion for some time now, in the post-Hype Machine era of musical consumption, but a few lifers are still kicking about on SoundCloud, arguably bringing it to new heights. And yet, it took the Disneyverse's to get the critical conversation going once again. Who needs artist accreditation in an era of soulless subdivisions? Not me, not you, and certainly not the affable Sheck Wes.

The mash-up in question involves the perfect synchronization of Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" and "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen soundtrack. "Let it Go" is the song LeBron's daughter wants to hear when her Pops is dancing for the gram. "Let it Go" is the song so ubiquitous they dubbed it in eight different dialects of the Persian Language, spun across the Judeo-Christian timeline. The song is so ubiquitous that even "Mo Bamba" plays second fiddle to its orchestral underpinnings.

So, against all better judgment, make "Let it Mo" by little known SoundCloud artist "Blas" be your first mash-up discovery in years, you won't be disappointed. "Mo Bamba" was for all intents and purposes able to land Sheck Wes his first Top 10 Billboard entry last month, without the backing of the Disney fortress.