Sheck Wes' instantly iconic "Mo Bamba" has, for the most part, left a positive impression on fans and casual listeners alike. Effective in its simplicity, "Bamba" seems to satirize the style it draws from, all while paying it genuine homage; such is the electrifying charm of Sheck Wes, who has been deemed a gap-bridger between hip-hop and the uncontrollable punk rock movement. In any case, "Mo Bamba" is one of a kind, and the elongated chorus has arguably been one of 2018's catchiest musical moments.

Therefore, it's no surprise that Sheck's breakout single has been doing staggering numbers. It has been revealed that "Mo Bamba" has already passed over one hundred million streams on Spotify alone, and that's not even counting the joint contributions of Tidal and Apple Music. It's a good look for the Cactus Jack signee, and we can only hope he uses this opportunity to come back hungrier than ever.

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