Sheck Wes Leads Uproarious Disciples In "Wanted" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
November 05, 2018 16:06

Sheck Wes proves himself an electrifying orator.

Mudboy has come and gone, galvanized by the enduring, infectious power of "Mo Bamba." Viewed by many as a refreshing and visceral newcomer in a sea of copycats, Sheck has struck a chord with his loyal fanbase. As such, his live shows respond to his aggressive, raw music in kind. Mosh pits and hoarse voices in abundance. In that regard, the Mudboy feels akin to an electric revival preacher, a real salt-of-the-earth type. Such is evident in "Wanted," an intense new video clip that captures the animalistic intensity of a Sheck Wes concert. 

Likewise for the loyalty of his fans, who provide enough raw energy to frighten even the most beer-addled hooligan. The imagery of "Wanted" is simplistic by design, yet evocative in its power. The clip itself provides an added soundtrack of raucous cheers, which drives home one point strongest of all: the man inspires loyalty. 

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