This year, we've witnessed a few people become stars before our very eyes. It's becoming increasingly difficult to catch people's attention with your music. Sometimes, it happens as a fluke. Sheck Wes has that kind of feel to him. Much of his hit song "Mo Bamba" was recorded in one take as he fooled around in the studio. He likely had no idea just how big the song would become but alas, here we are almost a year later with everybody singing his lyrics. Mudboy released a few weeks ago and in order to promote the new album, Shecky hit up Jimmy Fallon to swing by The Tonight Show on Halloween, performing a live rendition of everybody's favorite song.

We've got to give Sheck some major props because he did an amazing job censoring himself as he sang "Mo Bamba" in his undertaker costume. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear the artist scream "B*tch" at the top of his lungs but he still ended up killing it here. His entire crew got into the spirit of the song as a basketball net was set up on the stage, paying homage to the actual Mo Bamba. 

"Mo Bamba" has been performing extraordinarily well. The song appears in NBA 2K19, which is pretty fitting, and the track has recently surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. Watch his performance below.