Sheck Wes became a viral sensation in 2018 thanks to the success of his breakout hit "Mo Bamba" which appeared on his debut album Mudboy. His career is off to a good start especially since he is signed to both GOOD Music and Cactus Jack through a joint venture between Kanye West and Travis Scott. Despite Ye's involvement, it seems as though Travis has been Sheck's mentor, especially with Sheck appearing as the opener for Scott's Astroworld Tour. The second leg of said tour was in Vancouver, British Colombia the other day, which meant Nardwuar was on hand to conduct one of his signature interviews.

Now if you're familiar with Nardwaur, you know that he has a little too much background knowledge on the artists he talks to. He most recently had Lil Uzi Vert run away from him for bringing up a friend from his past. In this latest interview with Sheck, Nardwaur did more of the same, providing the rapper with gifts that were mostly albums from Sheck's native Senegal.

Nardwuar also brought up a whole slew of Sheck's friends from his childhood. Unlike most artists who tend to have a visceral reaction to Nardwuar, Sheck stayed cool calm and collected and just went about his business.

We don't get to hear from Sheck a lot so this interview was a breath of fresh air and if you're looking for some info on him that you otherwise wouldn't have been privy too, this is a great starting point.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below.