Sheck Wes and India Love are officially through and it looks like there is no interest in getting back together, evidenced by their latest moves on social media.

After their break-up, the two seemingly have a lot of bad blood reserved for one another. India Love hit Instagram with a quick message, updating her story and writing, "It's tough being a n***a's first bad bitch." While the post was not meant for anybody in particular, at least not overtly, Sheck Wes took the bait and responded with his own pettiness.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images 

"Big difference between a bad bitch and burger/slide," said the "Mo Bamba" hitmaker, shading his ex-girlfriend hard. "All I'm saying is your behavior can take you from bad bitch baddest etc, to slide of the century so be careful ladies and gents, trust ME your reputation is everything, and remember and accept your behavior."

Before the pandemic, Sheck and India were seemingly all good. However, now it looks like they have no want or need to be with one another. 

This has been a rough year so far for Sheck Wes, who is looking to reconnect with another smash hit. He was arrested in New York a few months ago, adding to his woes.