Shawty Lo is known for the fact that he has multiple baby mamas, and in turn, a unique family situation. His eleven children, of ten different mamas, definitely require much attention and care, something which Shawty Lo promises he gives them. 

Fans will be able to see how this intricate family situation plays out in real life, with Shawty's new reality TV show "All My Babies' Mamas," which will air on Oxygen. There has been a wave of criticism against the show, but Shawty explains to MTV News, that he didn't ask to have eleven children from various mothers.

"You can hate all you want to, I didn't ask for it. It just happened. Now that it happened, I'm supposed to turn my back against it?" Shawty Lo said of his family structure. "If I wasn't taking care of my kids then you would really dog me out, but I'm taking care of my kids, providing for my family. I don't know what else to say."

Shawty also explained the background of how eleven children were fathered by him, "I came to be one of the largest drug dealers to come from Atlanta, Bankhead area and I started havin' kids. When the money came, a lot of women came," he said. Shawty estimated that he was a millionaire by the time he turned 21. "Once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend or whatever, the rubber probably came off," he explained. "They wouldn't have an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it, and they'd have a baby by the most popular guy in the street, and that's how I had all them kids."

Although after the pilot aired for the show, it came under fire and a boycott was even called, Shawty insists he takes care of each one of his children, and claims there's only one baby mama who causes problems. "I take care of all my kids. ... Outta all the 10 baby mamas, I just have problems outta one. That's it," he said. "She has two kids by me, and she feel like I'm supposed to do more for her kids, and she don't wanna work. She just want me to straight take care of them, but it's all love. I handle it."