Shawn Oakman became a superstar defensive player while at Baylor thanks to his large frame and dominating play. He was supposed to be drafted in 2016 but a rape accusation destroyed all of Oakman's chances of becoming an NFL star. Over the last few years, Oakman has been battling the case and he eventually won as it was determined that he was not guilty on all counts. It was a huge legal win for the star, although having to fight the case ultimately wiped the former Baylor player of all of his money.

"I went through two paid lawyers. The second lawyer, it got all the way to trial. The week before she needed $60k just to step in the courtroom. I already gave her $60k ... but she needed $60k just to step in the courtroom, so she dropped my case. I didn't have it," Oakman explained in a new video called Shawn Oakman: The Rebirth.

Oakman even explained that he had to go through some desperate measures in order to afford to fight his case. He even had to sell some prized possessions.

"Before that, basically I had one of my bowl game rings. I sold my bowl game ring on eBay to pay for my lawyer," Oakman said.

The former football player explained that he would love to make the NFL but at 27 years old, it's going to be nearly impossible for him to get back which is something he has come to terms with.