As seasons of VH1's hit series Basketball Wives progress, producers find new, inventive ways to continue the reality television drama. However, this season was an explosive one filled with threats both on-screen and in real life, and as the drama bubbled over onto social media, cast members faced various accusations ranging from infidelities to racism. There were DMs that were going viral and petitions for cast members to be fired. Fans were seriously invested in the show and its cast of characters, and Shaunie O'Neal thinks everyone needs to chill out.

On the show, cast member Ogom "OG" Chijindu was called "aggressive" by Shaunie because she told the other women that if they crossed her, she had the strength to take them out. Shaunie was also labeled a "colorist" along with Evelyn Lozada because OG has a darker complexion. Madame Noire reports that Shaunie took to her Instagram Live to clear things up by saying, "You guys always say, 'You don’t say anything to Evelyn.' The thing about Evelyn and I, we have been friends for...Jesus, about 15 years."

"I’m able to, I literally talk to her in some capacity every single day, whether it’s text or phone call," Shaunie continued, revealing that the exchanges that are filmed aren't "super real conversations" because "when I have something to say to her, most times it’s not on camera because we talk all the damn time. So, you know, you guys say I don’t hold her accountable, yes the hell I do. I do. We talk about everything. When she did her thing in Costa Rica, literally, and she could tell you this, I told her, 'You’re buggin', that was too much.' I told her she was going to want to go on vacation when that airs because she's going to be mad at herself."

"Now, you know, it is what it is and it’s just entertainment guys," she added. "Don’t get so invested. You’re getting all of about three percent of our real lives. Trust me." Shaunie said that everyone's an adult and is responsible for their own actions. Plus, it's just a television show. Meanwhile, Evelyn is suing OG for defamation and emotional distress, citing that OG calling her a racist has caused her to lose endorsement deals.