College football fans have been in a state of distress as of late due to the fact that not every conference is playing. While the season has begun for certain teams, others probably won't get to see the field this season. Ohio State is one of the teams that isn't playing right now, and today, one of their best players decided to opt-out of any potential season, and declare for the NFL Draft in 2021.

Shaun Wade is considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in college football right now and in the eyes of many football scouts, he will end up being a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. With this in mind, it made all the sense in the world for him to forego this season, and focus on getting himself right for the NFL. You never want to risk injury in your draft season, not to mention, if Ohio State were to play their season, there would be a risk of contracting the virus.

Numerous college football stars have decided to opt-out of the 2020 season, so Wade's decision isn't exactly unprecedented. Regardless, we're sure NFL teams will appreciate this decision, as he'll be fresh and ready to go when he makes his way into the pros.