The latest season of Wendy Williams self-titled talk show has people talking. First, it was Tamar Braxton's visit that sparked another feud with her former The Real hosts and now a comment Wendy made about Christie Brinkley, suggesting she faked a shoulder and wrist injury on Dancing with the Stars has people talking. Sharon Osbourne, who's friends with Christine, couldn't hold back from slamming Wendy for being “so dark” and “so mean constantly.”

“I have to go in on Wendy on this because not so long ago, Wendy was not in a very good place,” Sharon vented. “Why is it, no matter what this woman goes through in her life, her ups and downs, which we all do, but obviously hers were more public, and she’s a 55-year-old woman that relapsed again on drugs … and the thing is nobody gave her a hard time. It was just love, support to her.”

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

Sharon added: “Why does she have to be so mean? What is it within you that is so dark that you can’t seem to get it out when the world shows you love and wishes you well on the rest of your journey of your life, you are so dark inside, so mean constantly.”

We'll see how Wendy responds if she does.