If you're ever in trouble and Shaquille O'Neal just happens to be in the neighborhood, just know Superhero Shaq is on the way. The NBA icon has developed a reputation for helping those in need when dire circumstances seem to arise, and things weren't any different on Monday. According to TMZ, Shaq was making his way through the East Village in New York City when there was a bit of commotion on the street. He saw that a woman had fainted in the middle of a crosswalk, so he rushed to her aid.

Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images

Shaq reportedly jumped out of his car and with the help of a few other NYC residents, helped the woman regain consciousness. Shaq and company stayed by the woman's side until emergency responders arrived, although drivers weren't happy, and it's reported that her fainting episode was connected to her diabetes diagnosis.

Back in 2018, Shaq was on his way to hand out turkeys during the Thanksgiving season with the Broward Sheriffs Office when he witnessed a car accident. There were children in one of the vehicles with their mother, so Shaq stayed with them to help calm them down from the jarring situation. While the deputies on site handled the situation with the adults, Shaq acted a makeshift babysitter. Check out a clip of that moment below.