16 is an awkward age, so it always helps when you can compensate with a sweet ride. Over the weekend, Shaq took that compensation to a whole 'nother level, when he gifted his son with a brand new Lamborghini. 

Seeing as he JUST became of-age to get his license, we're pretty sure Shareef O'Neal can't actually drive his insanely expensive car, but it's inspiration to learn if we've ever seen it.

Believe it or not, the Lambo wasn't Shareef's only present, or even the only car he received for his big day, also scoring a Jeep Wrangler that -- from the looks of it -- is pretty tricked out.

Also, since the kids love Post Malone, O'Neal had him come out to the party to perform, much like he did at Kylie Jenner's 18th a few months back.

After the gigantic party, Shareef is back to focusing on his basketball career, as the 6'8" student is already getting offers from some enviable schools as a sophomore.

Watch a clip of Malone's performance at the party below.