While many seem to think they are immune, others are quite concerned about the Coronavirus and what it will mean for life as we know it. For the next couple of months to half a year, life is going to change dramatically. We will be working from home while also trying to keep ourselves entertained as we are warned to not go outside. For now, it's a harsh reality but some of us are trying to make the best of it with humor and some makeshift entertainment.

In these times of hardship, we can always count on Shaq to make us laugh and feel like there is still some normalcy in the world. Late last night on Instagram, Shaq posted a video of himself taking a Lysol shower. Yes, that's right. Instead of going into the shower like a normal human being, he decided to spray himself down with Lysol.

Shaq's antics made for an entertaining video although it should be considered as humor and not a serious recommendation for hygiene. Soap and water kills the virus much better than disinfectant does so keep that in mind when you substitute hand sanitizer for washing your hands. Although both certainly help, don't get us wrong. We wouldn't give you the same advice as Kyle Kuzma.

If you've been feeling anxious about the virus, hopefully Shaq's video made you laugh, at least just a little bit.