ShaqIsDope Dedicates "Regulate" To One Of G-Funk's Pioneers

ShaqIsDope -  Regulate

  August 18, 2018 12:47
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HNHH Premiere: ShaqIsDope drops "Regulate."

ShaqIsDope was inspired by the smooth cadence of G-Funk from an earlier age."Fabolous inspired me to rap. One of Fab's biggest song is "Can't Deny It" featuring Nate Dogg." he said. "I loved that hook so much growing up. I feel like Nate Dogg don't get enough recognition for being one of the fore fathers to master the "Hook." 

And right he is, Nate Dogg was more than a stepping stone, to many he was a lightning bolt of inspiration, even to those situated in Canada. ShaqIsDope began experimenting with music like many among us who fondly remember the Much Vibe era of musical anachronisms. One way or another, ShaqIsDope became a chosen member of rap's hereditary line.

Peep "Regulate," his nod to Nate Dogg, and those who came before him.

Quotable Lyrics:

I live through a nightmate
No falling asleep
Pour some liquor help me fight fair
Mission complete
Brown skin with the nice hair
B****es is weak
RIP to Nate Dogg, I had to regulate.

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